How to make tea the British way!

How to make tea the British way!

US LINKS (everything I use and recommend)

* Basic Electric Kettle
*Yorkshire Tea bags (in video)
*Fortnum & Mason Loose leaf earl grey (in video)
*PG Tips
*Tetley Tea
*Twinings Earl Grey
*Pukka (various herbal teas)
*Fortnum & Mason Tea set
*Stainless steel teapot amazon
*Walmart Stainless steel teapot
*Glass teapot (great for loose leaf)
*Bone china teacup
*Tea strainer
*Le Cruset Porcelain teapot
*Yorkshire tea Malty biscuit brew

For UK links, please see my ‘tea’ folder on my Amazon storefront


0:00 Intro – How to make tea the British way!
1:46 My tea of choice
1:59 The cup of tea you can expect in a UK home
2:24 What does ‘builders tea’ mean?
2:55 How to make tea in a cup using a teabag
3:40 Does the milk go in first? (differs for tea in cup and tea in pot)
4:48 My milk of choice
5:45 What does A STRONG TEA mean
7:11 Sugar? (42% of Brits don’t have sugar in their tea)
8:00 Why does tea taste different in some teapots and cups?
8:56 Do teapots make you a tea snob?
13:30 Electric teapots
16:04 Does tea taste nicer in a bone china cup?
14:04 How to make tea in a teapot
19:46 How to make loose leaf tea





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