Spinach for Tea time! Do you prefer it Savory or Sweet? | Traditional Me

Spinach for Tea time! Do you prefer it Savory or Sweet? | Traditional Me

The paddy field that is close to our house is my Aunty’s & this season also by looking at the bountiful harvest with light green rice plants with the eye catching golden paddy kernels swaying to their own free Rythem of the breeze is a pleasurable sight! Brother was given the task of looking after the bountiful paddy field by our aunt because it’s close to our house! When the harvest becoming closer to reap, its an ancient tradition that every farmer makes a scarecrow & erect it in the middle of the paddy field. My brother, who has being given the field protector task plus to erect the scarecrow in the field as well!

There are various stories about erecting a scarecrow in the middle of a lush bountiful harvest. I’ve heard that people say that since the scarecrow is resembling to a man, the birds are scared to come to eat the rice kernels. But I remember grandfather use to tell me a different story about the scarecrow! since not every farmer gets a bountiful paddy harvest due to many reasons, by erecting a scarecrow, gets rid of the people’s evil eyes & bad mouths from the lush harvest it seems. But I’ll tell you, rather than getting rid of the evil eyes, people will laugh their heads off by looking at our brother’s scarecrow! Finally two nails and a bottle was hung to scare the birds away because of the sounds! After all our dear Mr scarecrow cannot even shout at the birds!
I felt a bit sorry for brother as he is being working very hard to build his friend, Mr. Scarecrow, so I decided to make a simple snack for tea. Since brother didn’t specify whether he likes savory or sweet, I made one savory dish & one sweet dish with what ever I had at home. Didn’t spend time to buy anything extra at all. There was some spinach which I cut and brought home to make dinner. I took the spinach juice and color and made soursop flower shaped snack which is very famous in Sri Lanka. All I wanted to do was to highlight the natural light green color of the soursop flowers in this sweet dish.
I always get excited when ever I get these unplanned sudden urges to make dishes. There were boiled potatoes to make a potato white curry for dinner, I added two more boiled potatoes and made these spinach rolls, though the name sounds funny! I’ll tell you! both these dishes are very easy to make and ideal snacks for tea time. Whether it’s savory or sweet You can indulge your self with this snack with an ideal cup of cinnamon flavored milk tea. As always here is my tip for my friends for a flavoursome cup of fresh cinnamon milk tea. While boiling fresh milk, add Ceylon Tea along with a piece of fresh ginger & few pieces of cinnamon. To taste an exclusive cup of cinnamon milk tea, slightly burn the cinnamon sticks in flame to infuse the natural cinnamon oil with the tea! Yum…. you will love it!
I suddenly felt a bit guilty when I saw my grandmother coming to the kitchen as there was a delay in serving tea but then again I am sure that she enjoyed munching this tasty & delectable snack while having her delayed cup of Ceylon Cinnamon Milk Tea! Not bad at all for all the efforts! Don’t you think my dear friends?

Love you All!

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乡村烹饪 cuisine de village गाँव का खाना बनाना cucina del villaggio طبخ القرية Dorfkochen 村の料理 dorp koken 마을 요리 pagluluto ng nayon деревенская кухня cozinha da vila ഗ്രാമീണ പാചകം cocina del pueblo গ্রাম রান্না vesnické vaření landsby madlavning ចម្អិនអាហារតាមភូមិ kylän ruoanlaitto गाउँ खाना पकाउने masakan desa கிராம சமையல் masakan kampung หมู่บ้านทำอาหาร gotowanie na wsi köy pişirme làng nấu ăn ရွာချက်ပြုတ် μαγειρική στο χωριό villa coctione

Inspired by 李子柒 Liziqi and Dianxi Xiaoge

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