A general shaded teapot

Chinese porcelain hand painted blue and white teapot, 18th Century

A teapot is a vessel broken-down for steeping tea leaves or a natural combine in boiling or shut to-boiling water, and for serving the resulting infusion which is is named tea. Dry tea is available either in tea bags or as free tea, by which case a tea infuser or tea strainer shall be of some assistance, either to contain the leaves as they steep or to receive the leaves all around the teapot when the tea is poured. Teapots veritably own a gap with a lid at their top, the put the dry tea and hot water are added, a take care of for keeping by hand and a spout by which the tea is served. Some teapots own a strainer constructed-in on the interior edge of the spout. A minute air gap in the lid is often created to discontinuance the spout from dripping and splashing when tea is poured. In in style occasions, a thermally insulating cowl called a tea cosy shall be broken-the total scheme down to reinforce the steeping route of or to forestall the contents of the teapot from cooling too fast.


Two Victorian Expertise teapots

English silver teapot with teaware

Glass teapot containing mint leaves, being warmed by a tealight, Kashgar, Xinjiang, China

Japanese silver teapot

The teapot was invented in China all around the Yuan Dynasty. It was presumably derived from ceramic kettles and wine pots, that had been fabricated from bronze and other metals and had been a feature of Chinese existence for hundreds of years. Tea preparation all over old dynasties did no longer use a teapot.[1] Within the Tang Dynasty, a cauldron was broken-the total scheme down to boil ground tea, which was served in bowls. Tune Dynasty tea was made by boiling water in a kettle then pouring the water into a bowl with finely ground tea leaves. A brush was then broken-the total scheme down to tear the tea. Written proof of a teapot looks in the Yuan Dynasty textual reveal material Jiyuan Conghua, which describes a teapot that the author, Cai Shizhan, bought from the pupil Solar Daoming. By the Ming Dynasty, teapots had been current in China.[1] The earliest instance of a teapot that has survived to this brand day looks to be the one in the Flagstaff Home Museum of Teaware; it has been dated to 1513 and is attributed to Gongchun.[2]

Early teapots are minute by western requirements because they’re continuously designed for a single drinker, and the Chinese traditionally drank the tea with out prolong from the spout. The scale shows the importance of serving single portions in impart that the flavours could additionally be better concentrated and controlled, then repeated.[3]

From the discontinuance of the 17th century tea was shipped from China to Europe as segment of the export of uncommon spices and luxury goods. The ships that brought the tea furthermore carried porcelain teapots.
Practically all of those teapots had been painted in blue and white underglaze.
Porcelain, being totally vitrified, will withstand sea water with out damage, so the teapots had been packed beneath deck at the same time as the tea was stowed above deck to form certain that it remained dry.[4]

Tea ingesting in Europe was in the delivery the encourage of the upper classes, due the expense. Porcelain teapots had been namely tremendous because porcelain could no longer be made in Europe on the 2d.
It wasn’t except 1708 that Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus devised a diagram of constructing porcelain in Dresden, Germany, and commenced the Meissen factory in 1710.[5]
When European potteries began to form their have tea wares they had been impressed by the Chinese designs.

In colonial The united states, Boston modified into the epicenter for silver manufacturing and artistry. Amongst the many artists in Boston there had been four major households in the metropolis’s silver market: Edwards, Revere, Burt and Hurd. Their artistic endeavors incorporated silver teapots.[6]

Heat retention

To raise teapots hot after tea is first brewed, early English households employed the tea cosy, a padded fabric covering, mighty fancy a hat, that slips over the tea pot. In most cases embellished with lace or log cabin motifs in the early 1900s, the in style tea cosy has attain wait on into style with the resurgence of free leaf tea.[citation needed]


One phenomenon that occurs with teapots is that of dripping or dribbling after pouring – a tumble of tea looks on the outside of the spout and runs down the outside or drips. Diversified explanations for this phenomenon had been proposed at numerous occasions and varied ways had been attempted to eradicate it including making the skin more hydrophobic, or altering the radius of curvature of the tip.[7]

The Moroccan teapot

Moroccan tea pot

In Morocco, stainless-steel teapots are an crucial to form Moroccan mint tea. Moroccan teapots are warmth resistant and can own to calm also be attach with out prolong on the range. With colourful tea glasses, they’re segment of the Moroccan tea ritual. Their designs can hunch from minimalistic to heavily embellished.[8]

Chocolate teapot

A chocolate teapot is a teapot that is at possibility of be made from chocolate. It is a long way always supposed that this form of teapot would melt, and be no longer seemingly to utilize, due to this reality the timeframe is often broken-down as an analogy for any pointless merchandise.

Experimental researchers in 2001 did indeed fail to successfully use a chocolate teapot they’d made.[9] Later study, on the other hand, by The Bare Scientists in 2008, confirmed that this form of teapot could well be broken-the total scheme down to form tea, equipped that the partitions of the teapot had been a pair of centimetre thick.[10] Re-usable (for a puny resolution of occasions) pots are now simply available on-line.

In non-teamaking contexts

The kyūsu is a general Japanese teapot, veritably with its take care of on the pot’s aspect

A teapot has a pretty distinctive form, and its status could usually own miniature to raise out with its predominant feature.

  • The Utah Teapot is a veteran reference object of the computer graphics group, equal to Hiya, World for its recognition. It is a long way incorporated as a graphics ragged in many graphics programs, including AutoCAD, POV-Ray, OpenGL, Direct3D, and 3ds Max.
  • Russell’s teapot, is an analogy, devised by Bertrand Russell, which attacks the unfalsifiability of spiritual claims, comparing them to the eponymous teapot. The knowing in turn impressed the title of the 1973 album Flying Teapot by the Franco-British rock band Gong.
  • The teapot has been featured in the American younger other folks’s tune from 1939, “I am a Slight Teapot“.
  • In Korea, the teapot is always broken-down as a serving container for numerous forms of wines.
  • Allotment of the constellation of Sagittarius contains an asterism (or a superstar sample no longer officially is named a constellation) that famously resembles a teapot.
  • The ‘Teapot Game’ is a be conscious sport described by Mary White’s Ebook of Video games, and involves guessing a be conscious which is replaced by “teapot” in numerous sentences.[11]
  • The Teapot is a memoir by Hans Christian Andersen.

In architecture

  • In 2004, a Malaysian cult called the Sky Kingdom constructed a 35 foot gargantuan, cream colored teapot, with an strangely lengthy spout, greater than the pot itself on its property as segment of its have private symbolism[12] which incorporated a similarly clear blue vase next to the teapot. As segment of a crackdown on the sect in August 2005 bulldozers and heavy equipment had been sent in to streak down the pattern.
  • The (purported) world’s finest architectural teapot is to be chanced on in West Virginia. In 1938 The Chester teapot was constructed by William “Babe” Devon. The Teapot started its existence as a immense wooden hogshead barrel for a Hires Root Beer promoting marketing campaign. Devon purchased the barrel in Pennsylvania and had it shipped to Chester, WV the put it was space up on the junction of Tell Route 2 and U.S. Route 30. A spout and take care of had been added at the present and the wooden barrel was covered with tin to safe the teapot’s form. A clear glass ball was placed on top to form the knob of the “lid”. The Teapot stood in entrance of Devon’s pottery outlet retailer. Native kids had been employed to lag a concession and memento stand which was space up all around the Teapot.
  • The Teapot Dome Provider Position is located in Zillah, Washington. It was in-constructed 1922, and the 15-foot handled-and-spouted gasoline residing was designed as a visual pun referencing the then-present Teapot Dome scandal. It has been moved a pair of occasions and is now no longer an brisk gasoline residing.[13]

In finding furthermore

A minute steel teapot for a single person from Eire, this form could well furthermore be chanced on in diners, greasy spoons and a few drinking locations

Korean vintage teapot

  • Brown Betty, a safe of British teapot made from a red clay, known for being tubby and glazed with brown manganese
  • Dice teapot, a ruggedized teapot invented for use on ships
  • ISO 3103, a description of a standardised methodology of brewing tea from the International Organization for Standardization
  • I am a Slight Teapot, a younger other folks’s tune
  • I am a teapot, HTTP error 418
  • Kettle, forms of vessels truly skilled for boiling and pouring grisly water, veritably steel, furthermore with a spout, usually electric
  • Kyūsu, a Japanese ceramic teapot, veritably with a aspect take care of
  • Pot-holder
  • Samovar, a heated steel container traditionally broken-the total scheme down to boil water for tea in and around Russia, as well to in other Slavic nations, Iran and Turkey
  • Slop bowl segment of a tea space – a bowl to empty tea cups of cooled tea and dregs earlier than refilling with new tea
  • Sparta Teapot Museum, formerly in Sparta, North Carolina, USA
  • Teacup, a minute cup with or with out a take care of, from which to drink tea
  • Tealight, a minute candle in the delivery broken-the total scheme down to encourage a teapot warmth
  • Tea space, a veritably matching space of dishes including a teapot, minute pitcher for milk and sugar bowl, for serving tea in a formal manner
  • Tetsubin, Japanese forged iron pot with a spout
  • Utah teapot, a 3D model of a teapot veritably broken-down as a reference object in computer graphics
  • Yixing clay teapot, a uncommon Chinese clay teapot

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